Saturday, April 27, 2013

Latest Episode Trailer Fun

When I created Episode 3 I created a sort of trailer out of bits of unused footage. It turned our fairly well I think considering most of those bits were not something I wanted to keep.  I noticed weeks after posting the trailer that the little guy who got farted to death changed shirt and tie colour and was smiling while dead.  Mind you there were outtakes meant to be disguarded so I guess I can't be too surprised.

Anyhow this trailer is made to update to the latest episode.  I have no clue if anyone uses it for this but I thought it was fun to make.   I have  a few other side projects planned to add to the series in the way of
"old tyme" specials to go along with the main series.   I kind of feel like its a real production at times as I am now planning a special after the first 6 shows of the series (i think).

You will see that in episode 3 I finally found the theme music for the show and in episode 4 I finally came up with an opening title I can live with although it isn't quite "done yet" the idea is there.   It only took me 4 episodes and over 6 months to settle on something but hey I finally got a bright idea.

With the end of episode 4 we see the introduction of a new villain so production will start in the next week or so on how I will modernize him.   The great thing about this project is that I can add my own sound and ambience to the shows and as you can see I add a few twists and turns in the form of overused cliches which were pretty much invented by shows like these.   I strive to overdo at least one cliche per episode so we shall see what comes next in episode 5.   Plans start next week!

Here is the trailer with the new music and footage that would have gotten deleted if you keep track of this video you will always know what episode we are on.

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